About Vrnjci Spa

Vrnjci Spa resort is one of the largest and most developed resorts in Serbia. Here you can not only improve your health, but also have a great rest at any time of the year.





The resort is located in Central Serbia, on the slopes of Mount Goc (1,147 m), at an altitude of 220-300 m above sea level. The climate is subalpine / temperate continental, mild summers and warm winters. The wooded mountain of Goc protects against winds and creates a wonderful microclimate. In summer, the resort is surrounded by greenery – centennial parks, a Japanese garden, many flower borders, a botanical garden.
There are many opportunities for sports and recreation: hotels, restaurants, ski slopes, cross-country skiing and toboggan runs (on Goc Mountain), children’s playgrounds.
Distance to the airports: Belgrade: 230 km, Nis: 130 km


Vrnjci Spa resort has been giving mineral water to its visitors for centuries. Ancient world civilizations greatly appreciated water and its influence on the development of mind and body and this is the reason why water from spa springs was used in Roman times. In the 30s. XIX century Prince Milos Obrenovic wished to create a spa similar to Karlovy Vary. In 1846, water analyzes were carried out in Budapest, and in 1868 the first resort season was opened. Vrnjci Spa resort became the summer residence of the Serbian elite, the construction of luxury villas began.
During the XX century. the resort was expanding, a promenade was created, restaurants and cafes, art galleries, a museum, a theater, a cinema were opened. The resort continues to grow – new villas and hotels are built every year.



  • Thermal Mineral Waters: There are 7 mineral water springs on the resort. Weakly mineralized waters of 4 springs are applied in balneological treatment. The mineral water fountains are located in the resort area and are open for visitors. Water from 2 springs is bottled and sold under the trade mark Vrnjci
  • Peloid (healing mud) on mineral water bases
  • Special resort microclimate


  • Topla voda – unique water (36.5 ° C) – sodium bicarbonate carbonic, colorless, transparent, low pH, corresponding to the temperature of the human body. According to the healing properties, it is comparable with the waters of Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden
  • Jezero – cold water (25.5 ° C) – alkaline-earth carbonic, contains sodium bicarbonate, yellowish, transparent, low pH
  • Sneznik – cold water (16.8 ° C) – alkaline carbonic, contains sodium, calcium, magnesium bicarbonates, yellowish, transparent, low pH
  • Slatina – cold water (14 ° C) – alkaline-earth carbonic, contains sodium bicarbonate, yellowish, slightly cloudy, with a low pH. Used in combination with water from other springs.

Mineral water and peloid can only be used after consulting a doctor.